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Conduit Fittings

1/2" to 2-1/2" EMT and PVC fittings for conduit pipe

Feit Light Bulbs

The Bulbs we have include: Spot light, Flood light, LED, Appliance, Fluoresce (15"- 8'), CFL, Halogen, Track

Interior & Exterior Lighting

We have an array of lighting. We have what you need to brighten up your life.
*Security Lights
*Strip lights
*LED lights
*Interior fixtures
*Exterior fixtures

Mobile Home Electrical

White & Ivory- Covers plates, Switches, Receptacles

Nebo Flashlights

We have a variety of flashlights but our Nebo flashlights are the way to go.
*LED gives the brightest light!
*Contains many features to make lighting up your job easier!

Switches, Recepticals, Covers and more!

White, ivory, brown, decorative and Metal all you could need when it comes to switches, receptacles and covers.

Wire and Supplies

The wire we carry we cut by the foot or sell by the rolls. We stock many different tools and supplies to go with your wire also.