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Heating & Cooling

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Duct Work

Duct work used for dryers not your DUCK! 3" or 4", vinyl or metal dryer hose, whatever you like. Couplings, kits, hoods, vents and even exhaust fans. Come get what you need to dry them cloths!


Tower heater, Space heater, Milk heater, Vent Free heater, and much more! Electric, propane, or kerosene what ever you prefer we have it! Come get your heater and stay warm!

Stove Pipe

Material: Black & Galvanized 24G
Size: 3"-10"
Lengths: 1' & 2' sections
Products: Dampers, Collars, Pipe, Reducers/Increasers, Crimpers, and much more!

Thermostats & Floor Registers (Standard & Mobile Home)

Thermostats: Heating, Cooling, Heating & Cooling

Registers: White and Brown Sizes:4x10W/B 4x12W/B 4x14B 8x10B 12x6W 12x14W 10x12W

Mobile Home Registers: Color Option: White & Brown Sizes: 4x8 & 4x10


Weatherstripping, Window plastic, pipe insulation everything and more for weatherproofing your home for our chilly Maine winter!