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Dewalt Sockets

1/4", 1/2", and 3/8" drive- deep or shallow, kits or single we have all the options including impact sockets and adapters!

Dremel Tools

Forney Welding Supplies

Grinding wheels, welding rods, even welding masks. Come see our 8 foot display for your welding needs!

Irwin Clamps

Need to do some clamping? We have the clamps you need, come check us out!
* Spring Clamps
* Angle Clamps
* Pipe Clamps
* Bar Clamps
* C Clamps

Irwin, Lenox and Milwaukee Bits & Blades

Bits and blades we carry:
*Bits (Flat, Philips and Torx)
*Drill bits (Spade, Fostner, SDS, Etc.)
*Skill/Jig saw blades
*Whole saws
*Circular saw

Ladders, Sledge Hammers, and Axes

Step ladder or extension ladder? Aluminum or fiberglass? Can't decide, just come in and look, we have all the options. Don't forget to check out our axes and hammers while you're here!

Milwaukee and Shop Series Power Tools

Drills, sanders, skill saws, nail guns and many more! If we don't have it we can order it!

Safety Works Safety Supplies

Safety wear for your eyes, ears, mouth and nose.
* Dust mask
* Respirators
* Ear plugs/muffs
* Safety glass/goggles
* Reflective vests

Stanley, Mintcraft and Milwaukee Measuring Tools

Tapes measures, rules and squares can help you measure twice so you can cut once!