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Apollo & Sharkbite PEX & Sharkbite Fittings

1/2" to 1" PEX fittings in Sharkbite or regular.
*Crimp rings
*Crimp tools
*Removal tools
*Male & female adapters
*Valves and more!

Copper Tubing and Propane Cylinders

Danco, Plumb Pak & Fluidmaster Toilet Parts

Flush lever broke and it needs to be replaced, we got you covered with a verity of sizes and looks to best fit your toilet.
Also we have most everything to fix any kind of problem you may have with your toilet. Let us help you fix your problems (plumbing related) :)

Drain Openers

Snakes, plungers and chemicals, ANYTHING TO UNCLOG THAT DRAIN!

Iron Pipe Fittings

1/8" to 2" Black and Galvanized iron fittings.
*Nipples and more!

Mobile Home Plumbing

* Stems
* Drains
* Under the sink plumbing
* Bath/shower faucets
* Toilet levers


10ft sections and some pipe we can cut by the foot depending on the size.
1/8" - 2" Iron pipe
1/2" - 2" Copper pipe
1/2" - 3/4" CPVC & PEX (red & blue)
1/2" - 4" PVC
1/2" - 2-1/2" Black Plastic
1/2" - 2-1/2 Conduit (PVC & EMT)

Plumb Pak Shower & Bath

Towel racks, shower curtain bars, grab bars, drains, tub spouts and many more in our section of bath and shower accessories.

PVC & CPVC Fittings

1/2" to 4" PVC fittings 1/2"-3/4" CPVC fittings.
Couplings? Different angles elbows and street elbows? Bushings reducing couplings. Glue? Primer? Cleaner?
Yeah, we have all that! So come in and lets have some fun in plumbing!

Superior Pump & Red Lion

Pedestal pumps, Sump Pumps, Jet pumps (shallow or deep) and Deep well pumps. 1/3 - 1 horse powers